Monitoring risk of bleeding

For use in post operative followup of patients
after artery catheterization

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About us

Cardialarm AS is working towards improving the safety and quality in the follow-up of patients after artery catheterization e.g. angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). The cardialarm solution is to monitor the risk of bleeding after artery catheterization. The manual procedure (visual inspection of patients) of today is resource demanding and prune to errors. Cardialarm has transformed this procedure into a real-time wireless sensor placed on the wrist or groin-area of the patient. The sensor makes it possible to monitor the risk of bleeding for several patients simultaneously. Cardialarm is granted a Norwegian and US patent. The founder of Cardialarm is Carsten Sandholdt which is an intensive care nurse. Carsten identified the problem of the follow up of patients after working in cardiology units at hospitals in both Denmark and Norway. Cardialarm is the solutions to this problem.

Our partners

  • R&D collaboration with Sørlandet Hospital, Teknova, Oslo and Akershus University and Universtiy of Agder.
  • Development and technology partners include Inventas, Jetro, Imatis and Lockless.
  • Business development partner is Coventure (incubator).
  • Funding from Aust-Agder Utviklings og kompetansefond, VRI Agder, Research Council Norway (FORNY), and Skattefunn.
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    Cardialarm AS is located in the Technology Park at the University of Agder, Campus Grimstad